Thursday, April 11, 2013

Youth Band Surprise! - ONEEIGHTY Band

One of my surprise joys in the past 9 months has been organizing and leading ONEEIGHTY Band. I'll admit not all of my former experience in working with youth, or leading worship, has been positive. I found myself burnt out and needing a break. My heavenly Father granted that break, and a refreshing change of pace. It was then He began to renew the passion in my heart to demonstrate living a life of worship, in every day life, and from the stage.

After several months of healing, I imagined that regular worship leading and/or youth work probably was in my past...yet a desire burned on and continued to grow. Randomly I would get asked questions about working with youth. I was hesitant, remembering some of my more recent negative experiences. I was still playing music, so I began to seek a worship leader position that might coexist with my stay-at-home daddy duties. There were a few interesting things, but really nothing that felt like a fit. Add to that, I did not really want to change churches, as my wife and I had found a church where we seemed to fit in like we hadn't been able to in probably 7 years. We discussed it, always reluctantly willing to leave our church if that meant we began our next mission.

It was then we received a wonderful blessing. While I was setting mix levels for worship band practice at our church one evening, the youth pastor, Chris Sanchez, hurriedly asked me if I could play lead guitar (he'd never heard me play guitar, or anything other than bass). He was desperate for someone to lead worship for the 180 Ministries youth kickoff event in less than 2 weeks. Chris explained how the person that was supposed to perform the job backed out in order to fill a full time worship leader position just offered to him. Suddenly my heart leaped.

Did that guy just take the job I wanted? Would it make more sense to work a part time worship leader job with my current duties? Was God really moving me back into youth ministry? Had I ever really left it? Could I do this?

Perhaps the best answer to all of this was the fire burning inside of me to lead 180 Ministry youth in worship. The job asked for someone to involve the students. I know without a doubt God has called me as a worship different positions, but always a worship leader. I'm a team builder. I'm an organizer. I love working with teenagers, some of whom are still willing to consider truth and the direction of their life. I HAD to do this!

What happened next I'm not sure I can describe. Somehow over the next few days a band came together. Adults from the church helped out. Youth workers helped. College students helped. God renewed the passion in my heart for leading worship, specifically to youth. God gave birth to an ever-changing, growing, and dedicated group of musicians that I dubbed ONEEIGHTY Band.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for this worship team next school year! In the meantime here's a list of what we've been playing this past year:

  1. Audio Adrenaline - "Strong"
  2. Chris Tomlin - "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"
  3. Chris Tomlin - "King Of Glory"
  4. Chris Tomlin - "Sing, Sing, Sing"
  5. Chris Tomlin/Passion - "White Flag"
  6. David Crowder Band - "How He Loves"
  7. dc Talk - "Jesus Freak"
  8. Fee - "Happy Day"
  9. Fee - "Rise And Sing"
  10. Hillsong - "Forever Reign"
  11. Hillsong - "Salvation Is Here"
  12. Jesus Culture - "Holding Nothing Back"
  13. Jesus Culture - "One Thing Remains"
  14. Jesus Culture - "Rooftops"
  15. Kristian Stanfill - "One Thing Remains"
  16. Lincoln Brewster - "Everlasting God"
  17. Matt Redman - "10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)"
  18. Misty Edwards - "You Won't Relent"
  19. Needtobreathe - "Lay 'Em Down"
  20. Starfield - "Hosanna"
  21. Todd Agnew - "Grace Like Rain"
  22. Tree63 - "Blessed Be Your Name"
  23. Will Reagan & United Pursuit - "Set a Fire"

It's been a blast rockin' these tunes. I'm sure there will be many more opportunities. I'm also excited for the several prospective members we have. Band camp this summer should help us get them further involved. In the meantime, shouts out to my team members, former and current:
  • Kelly Sanchez - Vocals
  • Robert Kramer - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Ron Campbell - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Tim Trace - Electric Guitar, Drums
  • Jordan Pond - Drums
  • Luke Sanders - Electric Guitar
  • Danielle Pond - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Brendon Jette - Keyboards
  • Jonny Paneitz - Drums
  • Erik Noble - Tech
  • Whitney Dutton - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Stephen Adams - Electric Guitar
  • Chris Sanchez - Tech, Vocals
I love you and am thankful to YHWH for you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Worship @ Winter Camp

What an awesome weekend I had! It was sooo great to worship Jesus at Winter Camp at High Hill Christian Camp with all the cool teens from 180 Ministries. I loved getting to know many of you better. Small group leaders initiated great discussions on God's timeless truths. Robert Kramer, your team builders are lots of fun, and like you, very unique. ONEEIGHTY Band, you rocked. It's a pleasure lifting up the name of our Lord with you. Can't wait to do it all again.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Harvest Fest

It was fun playing at Harvest Fest yesterday with Ron Campbell. It's always a pleasure to co-lead worship music together with Ron. With hurdling the fire, eating some grilled chicken, hay rides, and trying to keep my son out of the pond, we had a great day. I'm still picking the straw out of my ears...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Foster's Pig Roast & Music Festival

I had a blast tonight playing, socializing, and eating at the Foster's Pig Roast & Music Fest. Looking forward to next year. Maybe Floodlight Revolution will perform.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

New Event

Just got a new event added to my schedule. Looks like I'll be heading up worship music for ONEEIGHTY Ministry's "Back 2 School Night" at Chesterfield Community Church in Ladue, MO on 8/15. Rock on.

See upcoming dates.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Message to, Re: Removing Boy Scout's Ban on Gay Scouts & Leaders

I hope there's no way anyone ever removes the Boy Scout's ban on gay scouts and leaders. A petition to do so merely promotes sinful, immoral, harmful behavior. Despite lies popularly spread to the contrary, evidence overwhelmingly shows to remove this ban would put many boys at risk to dangerous teaching and sexual predation by active homosexuals. Unfortunately we live in a sick society that is busy calling right wrong, and wrong right. The Bible, God's Holy and True Word, prophesied long ago that this would be the case in the last days.

I plead with you to please remove this petition immediately as it is inappropriate and indecent. I further urge you, and all who are considering such a petition, to repent, turning from their sinful thoughts and ways. Indeed repentance is the only thing that will save our society from eventual destruction, and domination by the coming world leader. Mark my words, sick homosexual behavior will be normalized before the utter downfall of this society. Throughout history, it happens time and time again just before the fall.

Please end this petition and do not harass the Boy Scouts of America.

James A. Miller

Monday, June 18, 2012

Invitation - Psalm Study - A Study of Scripture in Context

The below description is still valid, however I've moved the study to my band's website/blog, found at:


A few months ago I was leading a study on the book of Psalms at Oasis of God Church in St. Charles, MO. At the time I was serving as associate pastor. I very much enjoyed the class and studying with the people involved. The Lord had a plan for my family and I to begin a transformation into some new roles though. In November of 2011 I resigned from my position at Oasis and wrapped up our study at a decent point to suspend the group.

Despite the change in role and location, the Lord has continued to speak to me through the Psalms. I have been further inspired to continue study in the book. After months of not leading a group in this endeavor, I have decided I would like to continue...well, begin again. That being said, I'd like to invite you to study through the Book of Psalm with me. It likely won't be an exhaustive study, but it will be quite in-depth.

My view on scripture is that it is not primarily meant to inspire us, but to teach us. For that reason, we will spend a number of days on each chapter. If you get behind, the "Bible Study" menu link on my blog will take you to a continuously updated outline of the material, and linked posts to previous material. This study will be very much based upon study in context. I don't want to “spiritualize” the content. I am most interested in truth...whether it is spiritual, historical, prophetic, practical, emotional, logical, etc.

For those reading this posting on social media, please visit my blog @ Hope to study with you soon. Please feel free to leave comments as you study.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Creativity, Naps, & Caffeine

The wife is away. The little boy is asleep. The dog is outside. I'm hopped up on caffeine. It seemed like a good time to write a brief update.

Dan & Karrie got married this past weekend. Yay! Shortly after they return, our new band, finally named "Floodlight Revolution", will resume rehearsals. We've got 22/24 songs down on our setlist. Most are original material with a few recognizable coves thrown in. The CD tracking is paused for the time being for a studio upgrade, and life stuff like Dan & Karrie's wedding, etc.

Despite everything that's going on in our personal lives, I still find time to squeeze in a little creativity now and again, though I haven't been seriously focused on writing any more new music. When I have time, I have some ideas I'd like to work out.

...and my son is waking up. Time to go. Check out our blog which will become our official website at, or on Facebook at

Saturday, January 07, 2012

17 Songs and Counting

Well, there are 17 songs on the playlist now. The band has been progressing slowly amidst life stuff. The CD tracking is getting done among things somehow. It's slow and steady. Before long we'll need to be looking seriously at booking. Any suggestions? Throw me some ideas. Call/text/email/reply, etc.

Hope to be performing for you soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Recording of the CD has finally begun! It will be interrupted by Thanksgiving celebration, but that's of course no real "interruption" at all. I think when it is finally released, you'll see much to be thankful for reflected in the content.

Anyway the process has begun. I suspect this will be a rather lengthy time of recording with other life responsibilities sharing our time. Most of the tracks will be from myself, Steve, and Dan, but there likely will be some guest musicians as well. More on that later.

We still need to settle on a band name. Want to help pick? Possibilities below. Thoughts?
  • Street Lights
  • The Teacup Pigs
  • We the Sheeple
  • J Miller Band
I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and hope you find much to be thankful for.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Leading Worship
I'm happy to have had the opportunity to lead worship music a bit lately, twice at Oasis of God in St. Charles, MO,and I get to co-lead again this coming Sunday (9/11) at Chesterfield Community Church along with Stephen Adams from PANDORA's Regret. Other musicians include Rob Ritter (electric guitar), Chris Knoll (keys), and Brian Scott (drums).

Band Progress
Now that we've gotten Steve and Rachel married, the band met for rehearsal yesterday and worked on some more stuff. We've got a variety of fresh original and cover material we're working up, and we're looking forward to serving it to you. As of yet, the band still doesn't have a name. If you'd like to help in the search/decision, consider this:

3 musicians, each bringing a variety of styles to the table. (Hard Rock, Bluegrass, Indie Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Pop, Country & Western, R & B, Blues...) Catchy/fun/important cover songs (by Foo Fighters, Joe Jackson, The Cure, Switchfoot) Original material: moody ballads, sensitive love songs, retro Rock, angst driven songs of betrayal and resolution; each delivered with a philosophical examination of Biblical principles.

All 3 band members are Christians, and while the goal is not to be pushy, the message and their faith are both fairly direct in an engaging manner. There is truth to be heard and considered by all. We're likely not a "safe" Christian band in the sense that we'd fit on your regular Christian radio station. Probably not one dimensional enough. Yet, TRUTH isn't always safe. Sometimes it's gritty, abrasive, and even painful. It also fills a gap...meets a need. It satisfies a hunger deep within. This is what we aim to feed. We want to be music for the people.

Please help us add to our possible band names. So far:
  1. Sol(o)m(e)n('s) +Vice
  2. Solomon's adVice
  3. Solomanad Vice
  4. LambMiller
  5. Canvas City
  6. J Miller Band
  7. The Teacup Pigs
  8. Street Lights
  9. ...
Hope you're having a great holiday weekend.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Test Driving...

Well, I did a little test drive over the weekend. Test drove some new songs that is, amidst a full set including worship music at Oasis of God in St. Charles, MO. Received positive feedback on the songs. This was a solo gig.

The band is still meeting every few weeks for rehearsal. Progress has slowed a bit, but that's understandable considering all of the changes going on in our lives. First off, the Miller's have a new addition to the family in case you haven't seen any previous postings elsewhere about it. :-)  Josiah Arnold Miller joined us on 4/15/2011, weighing in a 5 pounds, 7 ounces. Right now he's just under 13 pounds, and is quite a happy little boy.

Congratulations to James A Miller Band's guitarist Steve Lamb, and his fiancee Rachel Gardner. 3 more days until their wedding. Then they're off on an adventure together. Also drummer Dan Deming and Karrie Young are engaged. Looks like they'll be tying the knot sometime next summer.

What does the future hold? Lots of diaper changes for sure. Otherwise, I'll probably be doing some more test gigs without the band in the next few weeks. Also I'll be sitting in on bass at Destiny Church, St. Louis. Dan's on vacation right now. While the guys are out, I'll be recording my demo tracks. Hopefully I'll have everything ready for them to put their creative stamp on things when they return to action. We'll resume rehearsals in full force at that time.

Hopefully by this Fall we'll be ready to reveal our hard work to the masses. Need a band for your venue, event, party, function, etc? Like a good groove, soulful sounds, and honest, philosophical lyrics? Then give me a call at 314-308-2235. Can't wait to share the new music with you.



Saturday, April 02, 2011

Any Dug Pinnick or King's X Fans?

Any Dug Pinnick or King's X fans visiting here? You might find interesting what I've been working on today. I imagine my band will cover 1-2 KX songs, so I needed to set up my bass rig in order for it, as well as some other heavy music. I'm a firm believer that blending clean & distortion channels is the way to go. Anyway, here's how I think the signal path will end up.

Bass --> A/B/Y

A --> SansAmp Bass Driver DI --> Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL (left channel - for signal routing)
                           (parallel out)-->tuner

B --> MXR Classic Overdrive --> Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL (right channel - signal routing)

Blended Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL L & R channels --> PreSonus TubePre --> Behringer Ultra DI 100 balanced output --> Front of House

                       DI through --> QSC RMX 1450 --> custom 1x10" cab/1x10" + 1x15" cab

This seems like it's going to quite a versatile setup. I can get various levels of dirt without a lot of tap dancing, and no matter what I retain a deep bottom. Now I just have to put together a pedal board for it. Perhaps I'll wait just a bit since I expect the number of pedals will be expanding.

Anyone else have any cool split signal chains for bass? Lemme hear from you.

Rock on!